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Daytona 500 2023: Eight Burning Questions and Answers as NASCAR Cup Series Kicks Off


The Daytona 500 is the much-anticipated season opener for the NASCAR Cup Series, and with the recent exhibition race providing some insights and sparking rivalries, fans are eagerly awaiting answers to some key questions. Here are 8 questions that could be answered during the race:

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#1 Can Kyle Busch win the Daytona 500 with Richard Childress Racing?

Busch’s recent fast races and a Daytona 500 win with his new team could signal that he has found his stride with Richard Childress Racing.

#2 Are the adjustments made to the Next Gen car enough to keep drivers safe?

The exhibition race in Los Angeles saw drivers expressing concerns over the safety of the car, and the unpredictability of the Daytona Speedway adds an extra element of risk. Expect drivers to report how safe they felt throughout the week.

#3 Will Ross Chastain and Denny Hamlin settle their rivalry?

Chastain and Hamlin had several on-track incidents in 2022, including one that eliminated Hamlin from the Championship 4 contention. The Daytona 500 could provide a clean slate, but it’s unlikely to put their rivalry to rest.

#4 Will the Daytona 500 set the tone for another unpredictable Cup season?

Last year’s Cup Series saw a record 19 different winners, and the Daytona Speedway’s reputation as the “Great Equalizer” makes it an ideal place for any driver to win.

#5 Has Martin Truex Jr.’s luck turned around?

Truex Jr. had a string of bad luck in 2022, but winning the exhibition race at the Daytona Speedway could be a sign that things are turning around for him.

#6 Will rivalries from 2022 carry over into the new season?

The Clash at the Coliseum saw drivers getting into feuds, and these could spill over into the new season. Fans can expect some intense racing and on-track battles.

#7 What would happen if Jimmie Johnson wins the Daytona 500?

The seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion has returned to racing after a two-year break, and winning the Daytona 500 would be a significant achievement.

#8 Can Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing gain momentum from the Daytona 500?

RFK Racing had a mixed 2022 season, but a good showing at the Daytona Speedway could give them the boost they need to have a better 2023.

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In conclusion, the Daytona 500 is a race that fans eagerly await, as it provides answers to many questions and sets the tone for the NASCAR Cup Series season. With many storylines and rivalries in play, fans can expect an exciting and unpredictable race.


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